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honda accord for sale

A: Accord is usually redesigned every 4 years. So expect the newly restyled/reengineered Accord in Fall 2011 as a 2012 model.

Q: I have 98 honda accord for sale in baltimore md runs good blue 190,000 miles any takers?

A: how much? i pick up or you deliver? body condition?

Q: honda accord for sale in india vip number contact 9872000054?

A: wats the price? which model? & how long has it been used?

Q: i need to find a 98 honda accord for sale with a blown engine. mine was rolled but the powertrain is fine.?
or if someone wants to buy my accord with a rolled body but still runs perfect. less than 40,000 miles.

A: b18 swap? if so i’ll buy it

Q: 1987 Honda Accord For Sale $300.00 (OBO)?
I have a 87 Honda Accord for sale…It’s 5 speed…..The only thing wrong with it, is it needs a clutch and a battery….Needing extra Christmas money!!
I am looking for a buyer and also, i wanna know if $300.00 is a good price

A: What is the question?

Q: 1988 honda accord 4 sale?
I want to sell my 1988 honda accord because i just bought me a 2000 toyota celica and i’m not sure how much to sell it for. It has cold ac and many new parts. I don’t want to sell it for too much being its old and i don’t want to sell it for too little being that is a great little car. Any suggestions???

A: in all reality, go to, then mark it up another 25%. seriously though. with todays gas prices, people will pay.

Q: 98 Honda Accord Transmission for SALE?

Where can I buy 98 Honda Accord Transmission? Used or rebuilt? What if I trade mine in? Will the price go down? For about how much can I get one? I live in Charlotte, NC.


A: Personally, I stay away from junk yard transmissions mainly because for all you know they could be in the same shape yours is in, and even if there is a warranty it’s just more of a hassle to to get ANOTHER one put in after you already replaced it once. Check on eBay, I found one for my 92 Mitsu rebuilt for a decent price. Just make sure you give them your VIN number though, no matter where you go. There could be 3 different types of transmissions offered (different gearing and bolt patterns for different motors).

And yes, you transmission you have now would be considered a core, if you dont return yours then they will charge you a core credit. Basically they’re paying you for your transmission so they can rebuild it and sell it again, just like the one you just bought from them! Or you could go to a transmission shop and have them rebuild the one you already have. You have a few options here. Hope this helps, good luck!!

Q: 99 honda accord for sale at houston tx?
2 door

A: why its faulty

Q: How much can I sale a 1999 Honda Accord EX Coupe for?
The vehicle has 166,000 miles, the transmission is ruined and the power steering no longer works. Can I get at least $700 for this vehicle?

A: More like $200 at the crusher. But if someone is looking for parts you might get a bit more out of it. Stick an ad in the paper, for sale, 1999 Honda Accord EX Coupe, high mileage, issues mechanically. As is. Clear title. $700 OBO. See what offers you get.

Q: 98 Honda Accord Transmission for Sale?

Where can I buy 98 Honda Accord Transmission? Used or rebuilt? What if I trade mine in? Will the price go down? For about how much can I get one? I live in Charlotte, NC.


A: you didn’t say if it was auto or standard but Ive looked on e bay auto for engines and transmissions before.If its a automatic your looking at 1200-1800 for a rebuilt and about half that for one out of a salvage yard.Good luck to you.

Q: Need to sale 2007 Honda Accord EXL….value help needed?
Hey Guys,
Just bought this 2007 Honda Accord EXL for $25k has only 2k miles and due to some financial problem I’m not going to be able to make payments so I want to sell it. Not sure how much I can sell it for, any advice tips will be greatful. Its Silver/Black intereior. I dont want that to reflect on my credit report as late payment/no payment/repos.


Q: anyone have used honda accord stock wheels for sale?
i would like to buy used stock aluminum wheels that fits honda accord.
1994 honda accord LX

A: ebay

Q: Trying To Sell My Honda Accord?
I have a 1998 honda accord for sale ex woth 171,000 miles on it how much should i be asking for it please help

A: $800

Q: A honda civic accord is on sale for a good price but it overheats, is overheating fixable?

A: Over heating is fixable, but correcting the over heating can range from simply replacing a very inexpensive part to a major engine repair. You need to find out the cause of the problem before deciding if this car is really a bargain.

If you decide to purchase this car, and it is a private party sale be ABSOLUTELY certain to get a CLEAR title BEFORE money is exchanged. A CLEAR title is necessary in order for you to register the car. A CLEAR title mans the car is currently registered in the name of the person selling it, and there are no liens against the car.

Q: is it weird that a 2007 honda accord is a sale for 2300? Thats really cheap but ive seen pics and its nice.?

A: Shoot the “seller” an email… you’ll get some sob story back as a response (“I’m in the military/divorcing/overseas”) and a request to have you use “Ebay Protection Plan” or similar. They’ll also want you to wire funds into a fake escrow account, and promise you that you’ll have “7 days to inspect the vehicle”.

It’s a huge scam. The car is NOT owned by the “seller”. Once you wire funds, they’re gone.

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